1. The amazing, untold story of the song that skyrocketed Jim Reeves into international stardom in 1953. Written by the writer of MEXICAN JOE, this exciting book also contains a bonus CD of a song Mitchell had written for Jim shortly before his plane crash in 1964. It's titled I HATE ME ( for loving you

  2. This is a historic, collector's item that is a must for every Jim Reeves fan.  It's a story about "Three Amigos"...Jim Reeves, the singer, Fabor Robison, the producer and Mitchell, the writer, that is known only to him. The exciting details about how it all happened are found only in this book and on this CD. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this package will go to this Jim Reeves Fan Club and to the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, in Carthage, Texas.

  3. Order your copy of this new, "must read" story about Jim and the song he didn't want to record! How his wife, Mary, talked him into it. Mitchell and Jim at the Louisiana Hayride in '53. How Jim missed out on Mitchell's next song CARIBBEAN, which Mitchell recorded into number one on the BB charts. US and Canada: $15 plus $3 handling.                                                              


Europe and rest of the World: $15 plus $4.50 handling.

A 80 minute cd with Michtell Torok telling the condensed book story with new special short songs for the chapters.

US and Canada: $13 plus $3 handling.                                   

Europe and rest of the World: $13 plus $4.50 handling.


Order your copy through Mitchell Torok, P.O. Box 303, Antioch, Tn. 37013, USA.